Hello all my name is Christy and I am from North Alabama. I am new here and new to fiat. I'm about to make my 1st purchase but before I do I wanted to get some opinions. Im settled between a new Lounge in olive green which I love and an Abarth in red but the Lounge really has everything I want. I want leather, sunroof, heated seats, auto trans and the lighter ivory leather. The abarth has cloth seats no sunroof and Im not so crazy about red these days. Here is my question, I absolutely love how the abarth handles and the power it has out of the box but the seats are horribly uncomfortable to me and I truly love having the sunroof. Can I take a 2018 lounge and get it to the point of being an abarth? I cant seem to find many people who do this on this model as most modify a pop, sport, trim. I am getting the car possibly at a very good price so I would like to make sure Im not going to run into major obstacles with modifications. I want power, fun with comfort and convenience and I am limited in my area on used and with this being a new 2018 that there wanting to give away it's almost a no brainer. Any help or advice is certainly appreciated. Thanks

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