Hello MADNESS people!
I have a little question. I want to buy a 595 Turismo and install Magneti Marelli kit(power pedal & engine module)to get 20-40 more hp but I'm from Argentina and her it comes with TJET engine, not multiair. Doing some searching I've found this official link --> http://www.me100t.com/me100t/?page_id=361. But there isn't the 595 Tjet 160cv engine.

1 is the MM kit compatible with 595 Turismo TJET 160cv? (hp gains?)
2 someone told me that TJET comes with an IHI original turbo that if I install MM Kit wont be enough to pull all the power so Ill need to upgrade to MultAir Garrett turbo, is that true? someone had to do it?
3 what do you recommend? 595 turismo tjet 160cv with MMkit or Abarth 500 135cv with MMkit?

Please i've been searching for 2 months and couldn't find the proper info.