Last week we had this beautiful Celeste Blu ABARTH come in to get some cosmetic and suspension upgrades. It came with Chrome front lights and rear lights, clear turn signals and with stock ABARTH height.

First things we upgraded were the Headlights Trim and DRL Lights Trim. We swapped the Chrome Lights to Nero Trimmed Lights. We then replaced the Clear Front Side Blinker Lights to Crystal Black Finished Front Side Blinker Lights for a custom touch to match the front lights. Followed by the blinker lights we swapped the Chrome Trimmed Rear Lights to Red Pearl Trimmed Lights by MADNESS.

Next thing on the list was to upgrade the suspension! Our customer chose to go with our MADNESS Version 1 (1.4'' Drop) Performance Mild Lowering Springs.

Last thing on the list before our customer picked up his ABARTH we swapped out the OEM Shif knob to a custom ABARTH shift kbob.

Here are pictures before we began to on the transformation:

Here are images as we started the transmormation:

And here are images of the transformation completed: