Looking for a new shifter look?
Our new location in Austin Texas has been a success and we've been very happy with serving the customers who have come to our new location.

We have a big show room and we carry variety on products in stock as we transition different things.

We carry the largest amount of products than anyone in the world. We have these shift knobs, boots (for those who need/or are looking to replace theirs) many and others available for purchase.

Black (tm) is an Italian brand of high quality, trendy, luxury car accessories that are focused on giving prestige and charm to the FIAT 500. These gear shift knobs are designed and manufactured in Italy to the highest standards and are designed to be the perfect fit for your new 500. These are not generic, one size all parts. These were specifically designed by artisans of Veneto, Valenza and Vicenza, Italy and are hand assembled for a precise fit and a look beyond compare.

Black Edition Shift Knobs:

Leather Shift Boots:

If you are interested in purchasing any of these products please follow the links below:

Shift Knobs:

Shift Boot: