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    New to Fiat Abarth

    Hello Coming from south Central Texas were big suv's and bigger trucks are the dominate Vehicle of choice. I recently bought a nicely used 2012 fiat 500 Abarth at first i was going to just walk on by it till the sales man told me to just drive it and i was impressed by this tiny ball of fun such a small car outside but large inside. being some one who comes from a love a muscle cars and appreciation of exotic sports cars i fell in love with the thing. and then finding 500 madness my little car is now my project car

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    Welcome to the club! I have been driving my 2012 Sport for four years now and I still consider it the most enjoyable car I have ever owned. I trust you will enjoy yours as well. The folks at Madness can help you enjoy your car at a whole new level.


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