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Thread: Leaks

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    Hi All,

    I just returned from my FIAT dealership where I had a 25k oil change and tire rotation done on my 2012 500 Sport. While doing his inspection on the car the tech noticed "multiple fluid leaks from engine/transmission area." He said that he had another 500 in last week that showed the same symptoms. Is this something unique to me or a problem that is now surfacing on these cars at this mileage? Love the car to death and want to keep it running for a long time. I have manual transmission and have made an appointment for further diagnosis next week. Any advice or guidance is hugely appreciated.


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    Inspect it yourself. Do you see any leaks? It does not take much fluid to generate a drop, are there any spots on the ground when you have parked the car for a long time?

    IMHO the statement "multiple fluid leaks from engine/transmission area" doesn't sound very specific. I skilled mechanic may say "you have a small transmission fluid leak" or "your oil pan gasket may need examination" but a general statement of the type you describe sounds (to me) like a "please bring your car back next week so we can perform not-much-work-at-all-for-no-reason and bill the warranty".

    Again, just my opinion because I am comfortable working on cars and I know warranty work is free money for dealerships. I would first inspect it yourself then decide how you are comfortable dealing with the situation.

    In the end talking to your mechanic at length is always the best course. You can learn a lot from a nice guy who likes talking about his work.

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    There is a known problem with some engines built in March 2012 with the rear main seal not seating correctly. This will cause loss of engine oil.
    It seems to take anywhere from a few k miles to 10k or more before it starts getting bad.
    If this is the case they will replace the rear man seal under warranty. Unfortunately they have to pull the whole engine/transmission assembly to get to it.
    Sounds scary but if you have fully trained FIAT techs working on it it is just time consuming.
    Good luck!

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    No leaks at 10K on my 2012 Abarth...

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    Yes there was a known issue with rear main engine seal. Oil can go everywhere and can look like multiple leaks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpioni View Post
    No leaks at 10K on my 2012 Abarth...
    Almost 13k abarth on mine. No leaks so far... Fingers crossed

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    Has anyone seen a cowl drain or windshield leak over passenger seat footwell? Have a bad one in my 13 500T Cattiva after heavy rain storm or car wash visit. Can hear water swishing around in a cavity under (behind?) dash as I drive. At the dealer now for assessment but they seem a bit baffled.

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