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Conversation Between 500 MADNESS and Ron DiFerdinando

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  1. Well I figured I should try some rally too, should be fun. http://www.motorsportreg.com/index.c...98928CAF705D17
  2. Ron,

    We received our first "small" batch a couple of days ago and they got shipped out to our backorders that prepaid. The shipment was small. The next one is coming in about 3 weeks.

    The rally car is a US car, but it just got shipped to Canada for the Targa Newfoudland Rally.
  3. Hey there, we are back up and going after the damn hurricane. Any word on how far out the springs are? That rally car you put pics of up is really neat, is that a US car?
  4. Sun is shining, after ten days of monsooning it looks like I will be able to get you some good photos of the car!
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